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The services of VHVK Law in Corporate/Commercial stream are wide-ranging and comprehensive. The following are some significant assignments we have recently handled.

  • Joint Ventures & Technology Purchase

Our client, a manufacturer of implantable medical devices, acquired worldwide rights from a company in Latin America for manufacture and sale of cardiac devices, mainly, pacemakers and parts. With this technology, our client has established a state-of-the-art facility to manufacture cardiac pacemakers to promote affordable healthcare to a wide cross-section of people. We assisted our client with the transfer of technology and commercial implementation. Our services included advice on transaction structure, negotiation of terms, and issues related to the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA).

  • Cross-border Investments

We assisted our client, a midsized manufacturing company, in receiving Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) from the Middle East. Our services in the Project included participation in negotiations with the investor, transaction structuring, providing advice on regulatory implications under the foreign investment laws of India and investment documentation. We assisted our client, end-to-end, in the investment transaction and in dealing with related issues including legal compliance.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

Our client, a leading e-learning company in Bangalore and having global presence and a client-list that includes well-known companies, engaged us in divesting a division of its enterprise. Reflecting the trust clients reposed, we represented both parties – the seller and the buyer in the transaction. Our services for the buyer included implementation of the business purchase, transaction structuring, and documentation.

  • General Commercial

Apart from major standalone transactions, we provide myriad support services. These range from complete support services to assistance with specific issues.

  • Operating a chain of restaurants across the country, our client is in regular need of legal support to deal with issues related to vendors, employees, and service providers. Maintaining a close working relationship with the client, we provide comprehensive services that help our client in efficient and smooth management of the business.

  • We provide similar end-to-end legal services to another client that owns a leather product plant and operates a chain of retail outlets.

More transaction-specific services include:

  • Assisting a client, a strategic outsourcing partner to many of the world’s leading consumer technology companies, in negotiating with international principals. Our services include advice on relationship structuring and reviewing contractual documents.

  • Facilitating a technology company specializing in product engineering services involving embedded hardware, in licensing and sublicensing their products. We also helped the company in successfully resolving issues with a business partner in Japan.

  • We worked with our client, a pharmaceutical company, in creating an e-portal for online sales. Our services covered all aspects of online sales, including warranties, product liability and sales tax.


Our tax services include consultation, advice on tax implications for transactions our clients are considering, and tax planning with due sensitivity to legal and ethical issues. We also represent clients in litigation with tax authorities. Our recent engagements include the following.

  • Our client, a large IT company, provides Management and Technical Consultancy services to customers. Tax authorities in the State of Karnataka sought to levy Value Added Tax (VAT) on these services of our client. The issue has constitutional implications since tax on services come within the powers of the Parliament of India and the Central Government. In appeal, we successfully resisted the levy of tax by the State Government.

  • The client also provides composite contracts, termed “works contracts,” for repair and maintenance of hardware. Tax authorities have disputed the taxable portion of the revenue our client derives from these contracts. The case involves verification of records and determining the appropriate part of the revenue that can be subject to tax.

  • We represent our client, a diversified electronics company with world-class manufacturing facilities across four locations, in a dispute about tax exemptions and concessions. Authorities have wrongly denied our client the beneficial treatment to which it is entitled under Policy Notifications and we assist our client in the efforts to get the concessions to which it is entitled.